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6 Ways to Save Big Money When Building Your Dream Home


George Moore said, ‘a man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it’.

We all strive to find peace, comfort and contentment in life and for that, we work our heart out. However, there is always one place in the world that already has all these facilities and waits with open arms for us, and that is, our home sweet home.

Building your dream house is not an easy task. It’s no wonder that it takes a lot of hard work and money, especially, when it is not only about comfort but also about design and style.

Construction of a dream house has the power to take a toll on your pocket. To make it easy on your wallet, pull up your socks and get on with your planning skills. The first and foremost thing that needs to be planned is the construction budget. A dream house can cost you all the savings you have made so far. In case you don’t have enough finances to support the building process, take a look at the following expert advised money saving options.

family building home

Read on these smart tips to save a good amount of dollars for your next home building project:

  1. Get a diary and two cups of coffee and sit down with your better-half to plan out things that should be on the top of your priority list while constructing your dream house. Decide on what style and theme you want for every room, stone for kitchen countertops, the colour of bathroom fittings, etc. Have this conversation early to clarify what you both expect from your new house; make sure you don’t end up writing a big cheque amount.
  2. Conduct a thorough research before setting out to build your home, be it through design books, internet or simply by visiting a number of houses in and around your area with your builder. Remember to take note of all the things you like on your research journey and convey your requirements to the home building team.
  3. Invest in the ideal architect and builder that sync in well your needs and build your house exactly the way you want. A builder and an architect should be like a team of doctors who listen and apprehend all your ideas for your home. Don’t forget to take references from relatives and friends when finding an architect or a builder to ensure safety and quality of work.
  4. One interesting way of saving money can be bidding out your cost. This process will help you select the right builder who has just the right bid for you.
  5. Shop for the perfect mortgage or construction loan that offers you a fair rate. Research and find a good bank that provides the best deal possible according to your present financial stand.
  6. Purchase home appliances, fixtures and cabinets on your own. You can shop for these items on discounts in the market or try several discount offers online.Best of luck for building a custom home for you and your family! Just follow these tips and save time, money & stress.