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3 Great Reasons To Build A Custom Home

It’s a dream come true for many of us in this modern world to construct a home on our own terms, with our own design plans and our own hard-earned money. In an overly-saturated property market, the prices of housing is up and down like a yoyo on a string, and is heavily influenced by things like location and history, rather than the quality of the property itself.

That is exactly why building your own home is highly beneficial, because you can set your own budget and build the house of your dreams based on that. Then once all is said and done, you just move in. There’s no buying or renting because it’s already yours.

But the benefits don’t just end there. Here are three more great reasons to build a custom home.

1: You Get To Choose Your Own Location

With a Custom Built Home You Can Choose Your Location.
Image Source: Wikimedia

One of the most daunting things about searching for your dream home is choosing a neighbourhood. Sure, the house itself might be nice, but what about the location in which it was built? Is it noisy? Is it a little rough around the edges? Or does it go the total opposite way, and is filled with stuck-ups and fun-haters? Balance is key when choosing a neighbourhood, which is why it can be so difficult.

But when building your own home, this is no longer an issue. You literally get to choose your own neighbourhood and set of neighbours. You see a nice spot in a quiet little neighbourhood – get the planning permission and build there.

Or maybe you want seclusion and privacy (AKA, you hate people,) in which case you can choose a sector of land that is as far away from everyone as you can find. The possibilities are endless, and the results are beautiful.

2: You Tend To Get More Bang For Your Buck

With a Custom Home You Get More Bang for Your Buck.
Image Source: Flickr

Of course, in this section we’re talking about if you’re building a home that is fairly average in size and material usage, maybe a little above average. If you’re building a huge fifteen bedroom mansion with a swimming pool and tennis courts, chances are it won’t be cheaper than buying a three-bed house in the suburbs.

But for the most part, building your own house – one that is similar to average homes on the market – will save you up to 25% based on prices of homes that already exist. Not only do you have your own home, but it comes cheaper too.

Best get those building materials ready!

3: You Leave A Legacy

This custom-built home will serve as your noble legacy. Not only will it serve you in life, but also when you inevitably pass too. Down the line, generations later, your great grandchildren will learn all about how their supercool grandad or grandma built the super cool house up on the hill.

Leaving a legacy is what I feel life is all about, and there’s no thought better than leaving a legacy behind for your family. Something that can benefit them too, because they could end up living in it after you and it would be passed down the line for years and years to come – renovations pending, of course.

Grab Your Tools And Go

Or you know, hire someone to do all that hard stuff…

Get your plans together, get your permission, create blueprints and designs and let those guys do all the manual stuff. You can just sit back, relax and watch the home of your dreams become the home of your reality.