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Building Your Own Home: Four Mistakes You Should Avoid

As well as the notion of building your own home being an exciting time filled with happiness and smiles, it can also be one of the most stressful tasks you will ever undertake. It’s never as easy as simply finding a piece of land, buying the materials and hiring a bunch of teams to come and bind them all together and turn them into a home.

It can be quite problematic, and can pose a whole number of issues if done incorrectly. Luckily for you though, we have devised a list of four possible pitfalls and have highlighted them in this article so you can make sure to avoid them. So if you’re looking to be educated, do read on.

1: Overlooking The Contracts

Pay Attention to the Fine Print, as it Could Save You Money.
Image Source: Pixabay

Of course, the legalities of building work with the contractors you hire is likely going to be pretty low on your list of importance, but the truth is, paying attention to the small print can really save your skin (and a lot of money too.)

We recommend hiring a lawyer to go through all of your contracts with you, to make sure that all grounds are covered and discussed. This way, if the worst does happen and things go wrong, you won’t be left disappointed, and perhaps more importantly, a long way out of pocket.

2: Skipping The Ductwork

If You Skip the Ductwork, You May Lose the Privilege.
Image Source: Pixabay


You know in those chilly months when you value the roof over your head and the warmth in your living room, when you’re wrapped up warm in a blanket watching movies? Yeah well if you miss out the ductwork in the early stages of your construction process, you may no longer have that privilege.

Sealing joints and installing high-quality insulation can give you some added heat in the winter months, because most of the heat indoors will be properly contained. Failing to have this done properly could result in cold winters and lost money through excessive heating bills.

3: Making Amateur Plans

If you have no experience in architecture or construction, we highly recommend seeking the services of someone who does. There is perhaps no worse outcome than handing over your blueprints to your builders only to discover that the measurements are wrong and that you don’t like the feel of a particular room.

Seek the help of a professional, that way you can quit stressing on the intricacies and can work alongside them to create the space you long for.

4: Not Anticipating Delays

The last thing you want to be working into your plans is delays and lost time that you can do nothing about, but the harsh truth of it is that, with a project as big as this that involves so many deliveries, so many specialists and so much work, delays are pretty much inevitable.

So based on this, schedule them in, expect them, and that way you won’t be left homeless for a week or two whilst you’re waiting for your new custom-built home to get finished.

We Hope You Were Paying Attention

So there you have it, a very simple, easy-to-understand list, that doesn’t delve into complex details that are both boring and don’t really make that much sense… At least know you know what not to do, so you can thank us later when you avoid making these mistakes.

Now get going, it’s time to put your plans in place in order to create the home your heart desires.